It’s a surprise to read the news about Universitas Indonesia Student Executive Board Chairman (BEM UI Chairman) Zaadit Taqwa gives a yellow card to our President Joko Widodo.

BEM UI Chairman Zaadit Taqwa (Source:

Many questions which come to my mind, how a student can give a negative assessment to a President, nota bene, who has done a lot of things in a very short work period.

Also, never come to my mind that as BEM UI Chairman, he had the opportunity to discuss and meet face to face with the President after the UI Dies Natalis event. But he missed it. As a student organization chairman, he should be putting forward diplomacy to discuss issues he considers the nation needs to solve. Unless all he had in mind was a demonstration as a protest against a policy taken by the President.

Is this what we called the ‘Ivory Tower?’ To look and to judge, without any real action? Where is the concept of Community Service in the The Three Responsibility of Higher Education (Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi)? Or academic civitas activities that utilize science and technology to promote the welfare of society and the intellectual life of the nation?

I would strongly agree if he had made an effort to improve things. At least already trying to do something to overcome a problem that he considers the incapability of the President to solve the problem. Including the problem that he criticized, “starvation” problem alias malnutrition in the District of Asmat.

Malnutrition Case in Asmat District (Source: BBC Indonesia)

What I read in the media is the news that says BEM UI is already planning to come to Papua. However, the news came after President Joko Widodo’s wish to dispatch BEM UI, the chairman and its members to Papua. Later we heard that BEM UI is doing fundraising for that purpose.

But again, it turns out the departure facility provided by President Joko Widodo did not get the appropriate response from the Chairman of BEM UI. Zaadit Taqwa does not want to burden the state’s finances. At least so roughly what I read in the media.

Whereas supposed colleges should synergize with the government to overcome the critical problems faced by this nation. As the highest organization owned by students at university level BEM (UI), it should have collected data, organized everything for that purpose and submitted a problem solving program to the Government. If  they do not get a positive response then the action like what had been done by Zaadit Taqwa is feasible to do.

By rejecting Jokowi’s offer to be deployed to Papua, it is apparent that the critical action taken by the Chairman of BEM UI is not in line with what he delivered when giving a yellow card to President Jokowi. Is not it true that if we criticize a problem we are ready with a solution? Though Jokowi’s offer(President’s offer) is very valuable to be accepted. That means we have more value than others. If someone else races to help the President (remember: all politicians want to be presidential aides(to be a minister)), then why does Zaadit Taqwa just dodge?

As the chairman of the organization, has he ever tried to coordinate or at least try to approach the UI students who will and have just graduated to be placed in the hinterland of Papua, or remote spot in Kalimantan for example?

If we are honest to ourselves, how many graduates of University of Indonesia are willing to be placed in remote places? It may even be a UI graduate will work in a field completely different from the background of scholarship obtained in college so as not to work in the hinterland. It is no secret that for example Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) graduates choose to work in the banking world in Jakarta or other big cities instead of working as agricultural extension workers in the countryside. Ditto with UI graduates.

I am more touched by the news released by about the doctor (general practitioners) Tigor Silaban, who despite working in the hinterland of Papua since 1979, his precisely news about heroism for the people of Wamena just heard when wrote about his devotion. Whereas he has exceeded his capacity as a general practitioner, to do surgery for the community of Wamena.

But anyway I still want to say my salute to the BEM UI Chairman Zaadit Taqwa, which because of the yellow card he gave to Joko Widodo the problem in Asmat become a national spotlight that will eventually make it a priority to be resolved.


Yellow Card For Jokowi, Also For Us.

Yellow Card For Jokowi (Photo Source: ANTARA FOTO/Indrianto Eko Suwarso)

Yellow card for Jokowi no doubt not only addressed to President Joko Widodo, but also for us all. Especially for graduates of State University in the country that some have been financed by the State by providing cheap education fees, while the cost of education in college is actually so expensive. Yellow Card is more precisely addressed to the doctors who graduate from Universitas Indonesia, who mostly work in Jakarta or other major cities. Inevitably the yellow card is for you who read this paper which may be a graduate of other famous State University in the country.


Seven Presidents Since Indonesia’s Independence


The First to Seventh of President of Republic of Indonesia (Source: Wikipedia)

Indonesian had its independence since 1945.

How many presidents do we have? Is it just Joko Widodo? Is Jokowi the only one who has to be responsible for the current situation in Papua?

We all know that we once had President named Soekarno, Suharto, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, Abdulrahman Wahid, Megawati Soekarnoputri, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Joko Widodo.

Zaadit asked with his yellow card about the health condition in Papua to the seventh President, Jokowi. But we never asked the other 6 Presidents before Jokowi.

Have we ever asked about their contribution to Papua? The Development of Papua? Or about the profits sharing of Freeport gold mining in the land of Papua?

Then are the problems of papua so far only disease and malnutrition?


Until today, after nearly 73 years of Indonesia’s independence, it seems that the Papuan people have not yet enjoyed the gold mining from their bowels. Yet if it is done, Papua could be more advanced than the island of Sumatra or even Java Island.

The land of Papua has many things to resolve, even from the beginning of independence. Papua’s geographical form that is so difficult to conquer makes Papua difficult to develop. To build roads as a means of land transportation will obviously cost very high. With such a heavy terrain, finally Papua can only rely on air transportation which is also very expensive.

This situation makes the BEM UI Chairman Zaadit Taqwa ‘to yellow card’ President Joko Widodo, whereas in my knowledge, precisely only in the era of Joko Widodo’s government Papua more opened by making new roads, who also pioneered a sea transportation program through his ‘sea toll’ program. Then may I ask what our Presidents did, before Joko Widodo’s era?

Then what is the meaning implied when a Zaadit Taqwa give a yellow card to President Joko Widodo? I think the yellow card is for all of us!


The question is. In the cases faced by Papua, from the profit sharing of Freeport, or in terms of justice issues, where were the Head of Student Organizations of various Top Universities in the country before the era of BEM UI Chairman Zaadit Taqwa? Where are the members of the People’s Legislative Assembly who should perform their functions as legislators to advance Papua?

We know! But we never ask as Zaadit Taqwa did.

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