Opiniin is a thought.

Here, the author only expressed his personal thought.

The writings on this site are just the writings of writers’ thoughts on a topic or problem that arises around us. Not necessarily an absolute truth. But more to an explanation of something according to the author’s thinking.

The topic may seem a bit objective or unbalanced. This is because the author’s perspective. However, the author tries to provide a universal and impartial assessment.

The content of this paper is not necessarily entirely correct because the statement that the author suggests may be just a statement about something in the future. Therefore the truth or the error can not be immediately known.

The proof is inductive.

The conclusion of each article in this site is based on logic, where the argument that the author suggests leads to a conclusion that may be proven in the future, or may be wrong. But the argument that the author put forward is always based on the author’s observations and experiences.

The authors hope is that the writings contained in this site can broaden our insight.

Happy reading!


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